Founding members Sarah and Kelsey Schilling stop by the radio station (VPM in Richmond, VA in anticipation of Forgotten Clef’s September debut in Richmond. Click on the picture to hear the interview!


Fantasia no. 5 a 4 |William Byrd (ca. 1540-1623) |9.14.2019 | Performed by: Alto dulcian, Sarah Schilling; Tenor dulcian, Sian Ricketts; Bass dulcian, Kelsey Schilling; Sackbut, Adam Dillon



Una panthera in compagnia de Marte | Johannes Ciconia 1370-1412) | From the Mancini or Lucca Codex (14th-15th century) Johannes Ciconia (1370-1412) Chris Armijo, Keith Collins, Adam Dillon – recorders


Miscellaneous Photos:

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