Shawms and Stories

Shawms and Stories

This year Forgotten Clefs travels to the Middle Ages and Renaissance to explore the life of a knight. You’ll hear adventures of contests won and lost—both in love and on the battlefield—told by Renaissance instruments: recorders, harp, and drums, as well as double reed and brass instruments. Check the events page for performance times!


Join us for Shawms and Stories! This year, Forgotten Clefs explores events in a knight’s life—from the knighting ceremony to unrequited love, court dances, battles, victory, and ultimately death. This is a 30-minute story-telling program with music performed on Renaissance instruments, in the style of Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf.

The program is funded in part by Early Music America, Brown County Community Foundation, Indiana Arts Commission, and National Endowment for the Arts.


Photos from the 2017-18 season: